If you lived near the protests in Ferguson, would you have bought a gun?

  • Hell Yes I would!

    If there's a mob of criminals going around burning down the neighborhood I'm buying a frickin gun. Riots in the name of justice are still illegal and if they came to burn down my house I'd be happy to make them know I mean business with some lead. I ain't letting criminals terrorize me.

  • Yes, I already own some guns.

    I actually live somewhat near Ferguson, in O'Fallon Missouri. Protests have spread way past Ferguson, and in the event that the protesting goes violent, it is my right to defend myself. However, I would only "use lethal force if non-lethal force is not sufficient enough." Most likely, I won't be in a situation like this, but if so, my safety matters.

  • Yes I would have purchased a gun if I lived in or near Ferguson.

    If l lived in or near the city of Ferguson and didn't already own a gun (which I do) I would have purchase a shotgun and handgun for home defense. I would not be looking for probems but would want to be prepared to defend my family and home if needed.

  • Yes, with civilians getting shot daily i would have purchased a gun.

    The south is already plagued with violence and crime. In most cases i would expect people to have already purchased firearms. For me personally If i did not already own a firearm i would have purchased one during the first week of protests. The lack of control of the population and the police being spread rather thin would have been reason enough for me.

  • Hard to Avoid Protecting Yourself

    You don't have to be a gun advocate to be concerned about your safety and the protection of your family. The protests in Ferguson were mostly peaceful and predictable, but there was obviously an element that had no respect for anyone and were out for destruction. Buying a gun would have not helped much, but you have to be able to protect your home and your family.

  • No, there is no need to cause anymore violence.

    There is so much social and political unrest going on because of this Ferguson case. By bringing a gun would just escalate the violence, and maybe cause a case similar to Ferguson. I just believe that you can't fight fire with fire, nobody wins in the end and it causes destruction.

  • It's not as big as it seems.

    The media is blowing this whole thing out of proportion. They make it seem like it's all over the area, when in reality the riots and looting are only in the area of a few blocks. Even some neighboring towns are far enough away to avoid most of the commotion. I live about 20 miles west of Ferguson, and many people aren't too worried about it reaching us. We have a river between here and there, after all.

  • Either way there is a huge downside

    So the black people can just say that I shot an innocent black person despite what actually have went down? I am a white male and if i saw a black male trying to destroy my business and threatening my property and well being then i would absolutely shoot but then i would instantly be added into the hated by black people list with Darren Wilson,George Zimmerman and the other guy who choke out Gardner or what ever his name is. If I don't have a gun and they burn my shoot up then I can't do anything. I have a black gf so i really can't do the former

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