If you were able to live forever, would it be a blessing or a curse?

  • The best answer is maybe

    First: I am assuming that yes means eternal life is a blessing.

    Your question is intriguing question. I am tempted it would be a blessing however, really it depends on several things.

    The first is whether or not you have eternal good health go along with it. Who want to live forever in a sick and/or diseased body. That would be a curse.

    The second thing is the personality of the person living forever. If you live forever you can be guaranteed to outlive all your loves. Not everyone can tolerate everyone they love now and in the future will dying.

    The third thing would be the imagination of the person living forever. If you live forever, you will need something to do during all that time. Regardless of what you choose to do, you will eventually get very good at it as you have unlimited time learn and practice it. So you will need a good imagination so you can change what you do with when it get boring and is no longer a challenge.

    So I am conflicted. I cannot say that it would be a blessing or curse for someone. Personally, I would love to live forever. But I cannot ensure that after a millennia. Or two, I won’t be literally begging to die.

  • It’s a maybe

    It depends on the persons thinking of their life. It is both because if a person wants to suicide than it can be a curse, If like a person loves their life and want to live on than it is a blessing. So the answer is maybe not only curse but also blessing.

  • One of those

    The question--would it be a blessing or a curse? And it's yes or no. So yes, it would be a blessing or a curse. This debate doesn't ask which. I don't get all these answers. People say "no," meaning it would NOT be a blessing or a curse, but then say it would be a curse. Ridiculous illogic!

  • The world is ever evolving.

    Assuming that you are the only person affected, then it would be quite sad when your family and friends died, however, the world would be open to you. You would have absolutely no limitations. You could make up another life and goal for yourself and continue to learn and live. There is an unending amount of entertainment that come out each year in the form of books, movies, tv shows, and anime. Some of the regular themes would be boring but the world is changing and so do the themes and ideas. The best movie you will ever see could be a year after your death. As new technology arises so will new entertainment. It will not be boring. The only problem will be people dying around you and you will sadly get used to that. I assume that immortality preserves your brain as well so that you do not go senile or get something like that. People adapt and you will adapt to your new life span. Take your time and go into random paths just to experience new things.

  • So you can do stuff that you r better at 4ever

    It would be a blessing because for people that are scared to die can take the formula. Being an immortal is a good thing you can live with your love one forever. For some people might be a curse but that is because they don't have someone to love and would live and die for.

  • So you can do stuff that you r better at 4ever

    It would be a blessing because for people that are scared to die can take the formula. Being an immortal is a good thing you can live with your love one forever. For some people might be a curse but that is because they don't have someone to love and would live and die for.

  • Because you can do stuff all over again and get better at it

    If being immortal is not a curse, because people like me that are afraid of dying is a miracle that something like that existed you could even drink that formula with your love one. I'm happy... But i know that everything comes with a price i would take that price just to live forever.

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  • It would be a curse

    If u get a disease u can never get ride off u will never die also u would remain od for a long time than u would lose all your family because u are so oldily members and pets also around that time u can break many bones thank u for lisiong

  • Cursed elixir of doom

    -You will loose family members, Friends, And pets. Then you will be a lonely orphan
    -You will be bored
    -If you get a disease you will suffer pain forever and not die
    That is all I can say, So it is the curse of doom
    So I think it is a curse

  • It is a curse

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  • It is a Curse unless:

    1) Have omnipotent power so you can do and go anywhere in the Universe without the limitation of your physical body, Especially when Earth and everyone is not around anymore. With omnipotent powers you can also manipulate space/time so you don't have to lose your parents/loved ones if you don't want to. You can even play with other timelines, Kill dictators, Help the poor, Which makes life more interesting until you get bored) which brings up the next point:
    2) Don't feel physical pain (Hunger/Thirst/Getting Shot/Crushed, But most importantly Hot/Cold since the Universe and Earth's temperature are always changing, Sometimes extreme), Mental pain (losing people or objects that you value, Loneliness, Boredom)
    3) Never age but always stay at an ideal age (usually adulthood), No one wants to live into their 200 years looking like a decomposed corpse and realizing it is not getting better.
    4) Last but no least - You alone have the ability to stop living. This might be contradicting given you just have the wonderful gift of immortality, But if you do not have the abilities in 1), 2) and 3), Living forever will then be a very painful and scary thought.

  • It would be a curse!!!

    1. Your family, friends,and pets die without you because your immortal
    2. Pollution in the future may cause many diseases so you might get one and have to suffer
    3. Making a relationship will be pain in the butt because your lover would die one day.
    4. Maybe all planet will explode and your the only one who's floating around space with no air and suffocating around it.

  • Its not really a blessing its more of a curse.

    You don't die but the people around you do as in Family, friends, pets. Everybody because they don't live forever like you do. SO you live without anybody and no family to take care of you, so you would typically live without anybody that can die with you kids or even husband will die and you will have to go through the whole process again

  • Living forever would be a curse!!

    1. You watch your family and everyone else die in front of you
    2. If you have a disease or a really bad illness you have to live forever with the pain of that sickness
    3. Overpopulating which can cause lacking of homes (and we only have so much room on earth) jobs, and food supplies
    4. It would be very boring after your done doing everything in the world what will you do next (eventually you'll get bored)
    5. It would very hard to be in a relationship when you know they will die one day
    6. It would also affect how our body system works (e.G. Aging cells)

  • It would suck

    Our debate is saying that we don’t want to live forever. We want to live a normal life. Forever is a very long time, and if you live forever, you would be scarred for life for what you see in the future. You would want to automatically want to change your choice of living forever, and would want to die in an instant.

  • You will suffer for eternity.

    If you live forever, you will have to suffer eternally. You would watch family, friends and pets die, and you would have to be ok with having some people coming out to hunt you, because you can live immortally. It would be horrible, and I would way no to being able to live forever.

  • You will keep losing

    You will keep losing people and animals also you will keep doing the same thing over and over again you will see you past and you will get old and never move cuz you cant do anything. One day the sun will explode and you will be the last alive and you would be floating forever and no one will be there.Btw i am doing this in science.

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