If you were on the road, would you hunt for food?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • McDonald's isn't survival food lol

    Lol to those who think McDonald's is survival food. No. Survival food, real survival food is going on the hunt. Sure, you can't always cook a well-cooked meal at home if you're on the go. For me if I'm on I-80 in Pennsylvania or Ohio, I'll find the nearest field and start hunting for animals. Lol

    McDonald's is ghetto gutter trash, that's what it is.

    My survival food is hunting food. Real stuff on the go.

  • No, That's Illegal

    Technically speaking: if I am on the road, it's not Sunday, and I decide to hunt, then I would be "prohibited from discharging of any firearm or release of any arrow upon or across any state or hard-surfaced highway, or within 150 feet of any such highway." This means that I must either move away from the road, leaving the vehicle behind so as to comply with the prohibition from using a vehicle in hunting, or I would be confined to using trapping methods (not including the unlawful choke traps, leghold traps, or nets of course) to attempt to capture whatever non-protected wildlife that exists near the road, and to do so without destroying any nests or directly removing wildlife from any holes or logs. However: assuming that I comply with the hunting regulations, it I only catch animals that are not regulated by seasonal permit, then the only remaining issue is to field dress the game, and to cook it.

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