If you were proven wrong with evidence that your religion, faith, or philosophy was false, would you still believe in it?

Asked by: Buddhist_Boy
  • There is no way wiccan can be proven wrong unless a god came down and said so to everyone.

    I am an eclectic agnostic wiccan, I believe in science and theories that are not proven. When theories are proven wrong it doesn't shake up the whole religion the religion changes. I can believe in any deity, or not. The only way my religion would be "wrong" is if a god came down (in front of people so i wouldn't assume I'm dreaming), and said "Jeannie you are wrong". Then i think i would simply be hung after being called a heretic and a witch by the crazy people who just seen god. I would have no chance to change my mind.

  • Evidence isn't everything.

    A single evidence cannot always make people think that a religion, faith, or philosophy is false. This is also related to the reason why people "believe" in these even if they are not perfectly explained and proved. For example, some parts in the bible are scientifically unrealistic, and most of the christians agree with this idea, but they are still christians.
    It would be easier to make people believe in religion, faith, or philosophy with evidence, but evidence isn't always necessary. Then why would people suddenly change their perspective or belief because of evidence, if they didn't need evidence to believe in it?

  • No I wouldn't.

    If I were proven I was wrong to believe in my philosophy, I would drop it in a heartbeat, because if someone proved you wrong in another area, people would normally dismiss it and move on, but in religion, most people still want to hold on to something that is false, and has been proven wrong.

  • If it did any good, I would give it another name.

    By that I mean, if my religion, faith, practice or philosophy was that of doing good, I'd continue it with minor changes. Examples of changes would be to alter information such as "this rule was initially created by god," if that was my belief. This question can be interpreted in a few ways. How exactly is the religion or faith disproved?

  • I would believe what is obvious

    If someone proved something to me, I would believe it, however, nothing can be proven. The best that can be done is to offer overwhelming evidence and counter all know arguments. Unfortunately, nothing in this world is that obvious. Or should I say "world?" Do we live in a world? Do we live at all? What can we know for sure?

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