If you were told before you were born about the evils and miseries of earth would you still chose to be born into this world?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes, I would

    I would still choose to be born into the world because then maybe I could do something about it. Everyone is born for a reason, and everyone can help to make the world a better place.
    What if Mahatma Gandhi had chosen not to be born? What about Abraham Lincoln? What then?

  • The Beauty of Life

    No matter how bad the world is, I will always cherish my life. Even in the most troubling of times, I could not imagine not living, because simply the act of living is beautiful. I am happy that my presence changes the lives of others, and other people change mine.

  • No i wouldnt

    Youd have to be crazy to want to come here knowing how horrible things can happen. The more time that goes on the less evil and misery we have to live with but theres still enough that i wouldnt choose to come here. Now you throw in religion and the possibility of ending up in hell and i dont think anyone would choose to come here without knowing that they wouldnt end up in hell. Eternal torment for a few years of pleasure and suffering. It isnt nearly worth it.

  • Not at all

    Why would I choose to come to a world full of inequality. Where one group of people can slaughter another just because they have different views, or because they might feel the others are inferior to them. It can be safe to say that many of these actions still happen around the world but most of us are just oblivious to these atrocities.

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Formerland1 says2014-06-19T19:53:23.770
I would have been a newborn the best I could do is make a gurgling noise an raise my arms
steffon66 says2014-06-19T21:04:26.220
No dude. Im saying if we have a spirit we could have been alive before birth with enough sense to make the decision. So would you choose to be born if you knew the horrible things that happen here not knowing where youll end up or in what time.