If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?

  • Accomplishments last longer than money

    Theres something to be said about having the option it gives you more possibilities, even if you knew you weren't going to do the other one. I'd still work/go to school because it keeps me connected to real people who are working towards accomplishments.

    Money doesn't make you happy it gives you the access to be happy by applying it to certain aspects that can double it.

    If I would I would see my grandparents but I would do it after school was done for the semester or on a holiday. Its the tiny things that can't be replaced that matter.

  • Yes i will still keep my job

    I would need something to do with my time. While I can play on the xbox and use the laptop . I would get bored. Regardless i do not want to rely on my lottery winnings for the rest on my life. After all I might have to pay unexpected bills

  • Yes, I would still work.

    First, half of that 10 million dollars is going to the government as tax. Second, why waste the money? I mean, it's hard to not spend that money if you have it and you don't do anything all day. I would rather have something to do rather than just sit at home and buy everything. Third, the job I want would be helping people. I want to join the military and even 10 million dollars wouldn't change that. I want to help the world, weather I am rich or not.

  • I would still work if I won 10 million dollars.

    If I won 10 million dollars I would still work. That much money may not be enough to live on forever, and most people would get bored because they wouldn't have a lot to do. It would also allow you to work on something you are passionate about, without having to worry about money as much.

  • Yes, in the case that the millions run out one should still have work experience.

    If the money is mismanaged or another unfortunate event occurs, having recent work experience is important to have in the case that a job is needed to survive. It is also something to do in the case that having so much money at free disposal results in boredom. Doing work would allow you keep building your skills, as well.

  • Life is short

    Needless to say, life is short. I agree that 10 million in today's time isn't that much however working is innately stressful. Added stress from working might be less knowing that you have 10 million in the bank, but that doesn't remove the fact of keeping up with deadlines, continued pressures at work to succeed, etc. It is known that stress can limit how long you live, so in the long run you will be cutting the amount of time you can use your money short. I've had a number of close family members pass away. I would use the money to create and sustain meaningful relationships with my family and friends. No one knows how long we will be on this earth, and when that time comes will you wished you had more time with friends and family? Working puts you away from that if not physically then mentally.

  • I like being a productive helpful person

    Money doesn't make you feel happy forever, accomplishments do even if its cleaning up your bedroom. I like hanging out with normal people pizza movie. Working you get to learn and meet new people and have real connections. I'd like to see my grandparents if I won, but I would still wait until I had time off from school.

  • Why waste life?

    I find working to be a waste of time. The only reason we get paid to work is because no one really wants to do it otherwise we wouldn't get paid for it. I would just live within my means and stretch that ten million to last me the rest of my life.

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