If your country's leader or government told you to do something morally wrong, would you do it?

Asked by: Mistystar90
  • If it is for the greater good for the nation

    We must understand that maybe things don't seem morally right but are the best for the nation. Killing someone may not be moral but I think we can all agree taking out Osama Bin Laden was a good thing. The government always has are best interest in hand. We voted for them!

  • No President would ask such a thing at random...

    If I, myself, have been called up by the President for some reason, or me as a citizen, I must consider all possible results and the results the President wishes to come from it. With great power comes great responsibility, and I couldn't abandon possibilities of helping the entire country, by my definition of help, if it's my decision, just because it may require some losses.
    I do not know the specific situation, so I cannot answer a definite yes, but I wouldn't settle at a 'most-likely-no', because the President is a man of reason- he has to be.

  • Whose morals are we talking about here?

    If someone in power who is responsible for my well-being as an American tells me I need to do this, the question isn't "Why?" It's "Any way in particular, and will I be compensated?"
    If I'm being paid, I don't care.
    However, if it's against my in-group, congratulations. You've locked yourself in the same room as me.

  • Never would I ever.

    Especially if I don't support the policy that brings us into international conflict and genocide. I don't feel any obligation to my country to commit crimes. In fact, I would do my best to hold my leaders accountable for those kinds of things. There shouldn't be such uncompromising nationalism or patriotism anyway. It's too easy to use to justify conflict and manipulate public opinion.

  • Only if I support the rationale.

    Not simply because I was told to. If some extreme situation could rationalize an immoral behaviour, and I felt it was something that had to be done, then I would do it. If I did not agree with the rationale behind the request, I would refuse since I don't work for the government and I have rights protecting my freedom to act autonomously

  • Not at all

    He or she can't force me to do something bad. This could be a trap into doing something illegal and they would sentence you to prison. I know how their little game would work. Then they would say that you are disobeying them which is like disobeying the law. I wouldn't care to listen to them. They have no right or authority to tell me wah tdo do or force me to do something. That is my point, please like.

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