If your For Honor PC beta won't even start, there are a few things you could check. Should bugs be worked out prior to a beta?

  • At least most of them

    Most people get that if it's a beta it may not work flawlessly, but before it's released, at least most of the kinks should be worked out. If there's a lot of troubleshooting info out there, that might be a sign it's not ready for launch even in the beta version.

  • Yes, bugs should be worked out prior to a beta.

    Yes, bugs should be worked out prior to a beta because there are so many risks with modern technology. The bugs must be eliminated before people get their hands on them. Otherwise it will make a tech company look bad. They need to figure out how to get everything running smoothly.

  • Software development is complex, and the demands are ever changing, requiring end users to be flexible.

    The pace of technological development creates an environment where what works today, may not work tomorrow. There is an iterative process at work requiring developers and end users to work in tandem. After providing feedback, users may retain some expectation of correction, but all bugs cannot be resolved before the software is tested in the field.

  • No, they should not.

    That is what a beta is for. It is not a way for people to get free software. The purpose of a beta is to help work out bugs by having people using and testing the software. People who are using software can find more bugs than the developers could.

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