If your looking for enlightenment you should not search for god. Agree or disagree

Asked by: steffon66
  • Most gods have to be false and their moralities have to be wrong.

    I know this because of the contradictions. There are far more than a thousand beliefs that all contradict one another. That means that more than 99.9 percent of people are wrong thinking they are enlightened which is very dangerous and has proven to be disastrous in the past. The more people hold to religion the more wicked they become and the more they think they are right. Most people do not know right from wrong because they blindly accept precepts that have no premises behind them or even moral foundational beliefs. There are questions that must be answered before you can have a logical morality. Questions like what are we, what are we in relation to each other, and why are we here. Then you have to prioritize your precepts and i also have premises for that. Ask if you dont understand what the answers to these questions determine.

  • Why is this even a debate

    Enlightenment is different for every person.You should do whatever your mind and spirit guides you to do whether its buddhism/taoism/others, a diety based belief, an organized religion, or a spiritual atheism. Thats what you should do. And however you believe you should stop being a d*ck amd pushing your beliefs on anyone else or trying to make them feel inferior or stupid. If there is one thing i can't stand it is elitism.

  • Enlightenment comes from understanding and understanding comes from the scientific method.

    Like I SAID!!!!! The modern age should mock religion at every turn. It is nothing more than pure bunk. The epitome of "fuzzy thinking"! Science has elevated the process of thinking to the highest level as we submit nature to the most discerning analysis. Religion is now at humanities' "Childhoods End".

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SlothAndMonkey says2015-02-09T14:28:58.287
First of all I don't know why another commenter on the No side rants against God because that's for the YES side which is that enlightenment doesn't need God.
I believe the question itself implies a relationship between enlightenment and God. Whether one needs God or not doesn't have much to do with enlightenment. "Enlightened" people, however the term is defined may or may not believe in God, and believers in God may not be enlightened.
steffon66 says2015-02-09T17:32:22.953
Given the way ive worded the question its obvious that im not talking about spiritual knowledge. And your stating and obvious fact. People of god may not be enlightened and enlightened people may not believe in god. But this has nothing to do with the question and its so obvious you shouldnt feel the need to say it. Lol pick a side please