If your mother had tried to have you aborted and you survived, should you be able to charge her with attempted murder?

Asked by: LittleBallofHATE
  • Yes of course

    She tried to kill you. A person is a person no matter how small. If she didn't want you, she should've wrapped it up, or taken the pill or not have even had sex at all. I understand if she was raped then she couldn't help it. But there are other options and abortion should not be a option. There should be a place where mothers could take kids of accidental pregnancies instead of murdering them..Oh wait there is. Its called a adoption agency

  • In a way...

    I guess so because she tried to stop you from becoming a living creature. So in a way she tried to stop life by removing you from her, which would technically stop growth and stop you from living. There for killing you. So yes now that I think about it they should be able to.

  • In a word...Yes.

    If you survived an attempted abortion, it means you were alive at the time of the attempt. You were a person, with the same rights as any other person. I don't care that abortion is legal. Slavery used to be legal too. Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. The simple fact that some survive the attempt should tell you that.

  • That isn't right

    If your mother tried to get you aborted, that can be a pretty painful thing to know, but unlike murder, in which the person usually has a sinister purpose, people abort babies because they know it would be impossible or otherwise hard to take care of it (and the "don't sleep with the guy" argument is also invalid- just because you don't want kids doesn't mean you shouldn't do a natural human bonding activity.) It isn't fair to charge someone for murder just because they don't wan't children.

  • When were they aborted

    If they did not have brain activity yet I would say that they are not yet a human . They are just an organ of the mother a non essential organ I might add . Being human is best describe as being conscious and without a brain they are not conscious and not human

  • This isn't a valid anti-abortion question, and heres why:

    If a father attempted the "pull-out method" and it didn't work, would it be considered an attempt to stop a life — and thus an attempt of murder? No, it wouldn't.

    The question proposed cannot serve as a legitimate anti-abortion argument since in an ideal pro-choice society, the abortion would have taken place in a medical and professional environment, ensuring a safe and successful abortion.

  • So much bias...

    The picture? Really?

    No, you couldn't charge her with attempted murder. If she tried to have a legal abortion and it somehow failed (how does that even work?) you wouldn't have been alive to bring up charges against her.

    Bodily autonomy isn't granted until a later stage of the pregnancy.

  • Abstinence is not murder

    This is like saying "If your mother turned down sex, but your dad forced it on her thus conceiving you, can you charge her with a crime?" Just because a person could have been created does not mean a person would have been created.

    Not to mention the fact that the fetus is using the woman's body to sustain itself. We don't say "If your brother refused to donate his kidney, but the police forced him to thus saving your life, can we charge him with aggravated assault?"

    This entire question is like something out of the movie Minority Report.

  • No, I Shouldn't

    At the time of the attempted abortion I would not have been a proper, legal person yet. Would I have been human? Yes. But humanhood does not equal personhood. Also, I'd obviously have no recollection of the event so it's not as though I'd deserve to compensated for pain and suffering or anything of that nature.

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