If you're an author and you use a pseudonym, should you have to state your real name somewhere in the copyright page?

Asked by: toady28
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  • No need for people to know your real name

    No because the point is that you need to be a secret if you use a pseudonym. I would want it to be secret and i would only tell my friends and family. Plus they might not read it just because you wrote it. You also might be kind of embarrassed about what you wrote.

  • It's what they requested

    Wy should an author use a pseudonym if they wanted people to know who they were? Thoughts that the author should consider have to do with they won't be able to go to book signings, cons, and people may claim that book as their own, but if an author has chosen to use a fake name, they should keep it that way.

  • Why should you?

    If you use a pseudonym, it's probably because you don't want people picking up your book just because you wrote. You want them to pick it up because you think it sounds interesting, not because they like you as an author. Of course, you could also use a pseudonym to pretend to be a character from the book (like in the cover picture), and if that's the case, then you don't need to have your name in there if you don't want it to be. And, finally, if you want your name in the book, then WHY DID YOU CREATE A PSEUDONYM???!!!

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