Illegal campaign funding: Will this discovery impact Trump's poll numbers?

  • Trump's numbers set to slide

    Donald Trump's poll numbers will slide as his campaign struggles with the discovery of potentially illegal campaign funding. He has tried to set himself apart as outside the establishment, but funding scandals such as his campaign manager's donations to the Ukraine government and those made to the Florida AG considering investigating him make him seem like a regular politician.

  • No, we all know which category Trump supporters are.

    I get that Trump is a wild card; unpredictable. But which is worse being unpredictable or someone who is proven to be a liar, have poor judgement, horrible track record in foreign matters…etc? If Hillary does get elected, and she’s true to her track record, I hope the americans that voted her into office accept part of the blame for lives lost, economy ruin, etc…

  • People Love Trump

    Nothing Trump has done or said throughout his whole campaign has seriously affected his poll numbers. His supporters are blindly loyal and look past every single bad thing that he does or says because they are sheep. This news of illegal campaign funding is not a surprise in the slightest.

  • No, his supporters won't care.

    Donald Trump's supporters don't care what he or his campaign does. They will support him no matter what. If he does something awful, they will either defend him or claim that it's not true or some sort of conspiracy involving the "liberal media." There may be a small number of people who would change their mind, but nothing significant.

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