Illegal fishing threatens populations: Should fishing be criminalized?

  • Nature is not ours to destroy

    Fishing is inhumane and unsustainable. Bycatch results in other species like dolphins and whales being killed, and is threatening many fish species. I realise that many people rely on fishing for income, however once fishing was eradicated from society, new jobs would appear - hopefully more sustainable ones that look after our Earth

  • Illeagal fishing Should be Criminalized

    If everyone keeps fishing illegally soon the lakes and ponds will run out of fish. When this happens there will be no fish left to mate to produce more. I think everyone should obey the laws and not ruin fishing for everyone. Fishing is a good family activity especially when young children get a bite a become really excited.

  • Nature needs protecting

    I definitely sympathise with the difficulties and bureaucracy that fishermen face in the modern age, but unsustainable fishing is something that should always be harshly punished. If populations are fished to extinction, then nobody wins and the world is worse off for it. It's much better for everyone to work together and ensure there is fish for everyone.

  • Fishing is a necessary part of human culture and society.

    There are many towns, villages, cities, and families built around fishing. Fishing has been a part of human society since forever. There are even some around the world who wouldn't be able to survive if fishing was illegal. Illegal fishing should be outlawed. Legal fishing should be regulated closely. Fishing places should be monitored and restocked as needed. And that's all that really can be done.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Illegal fishing is one of the main causes of fish stocks depletion. There is a different between legal and illegal fishing, anyway. Additionally, illegal fishing continued in part because illegal ports were operating at low cost and without regulations. Weak monitoring, controlling, and surveillance efforts also had a strong relationship to illegal fishing occurrence.

  • Fishing is fun.

    Fishing is a social activity for a lot of people. It is relaxing and a fun way to send time with friends. However, it's also a way that people get food to eat. There is no reason to shut down an activity that so many people find enjoyable. People should be allowed to live their lives.

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