Illegal logging continues in the Amazon: Should the United States send troops to the region?

  • Yes, they should.

    Something should be done to stop this illegal practice. It is helping to make climate change worse, among other problems. Something needs to be done, and sending troops to the area might be the solution. Whatever the solution is, it is not sitting by idly and hoping the problem resolves itself.

  • No i swear

    No i said no because i said so and i believe this in a very strong manner.I am not 12 years old and I don't live in Minnesota. My name is not christian and I don't go to Somerset Academy. Hi my name is Chester and I am a cat. I like lasagna.

  • No, troops aren't the answer.

    No, troops should not be sent to the Amazon region. There are other peaceful ways to combat logging. We do not need to start a war over this. However, local law enforcement likely is needed to stop illegal logging. Find and arrest the illegal loggers. Make prison sentences steep to discourage this kind of behavior. Meanwhile continue to educate the people about the negative impact of illegal logging. And finally, offer an alternative to keep people employed.

  • The United States should not intervene in Amazon

    The illegal logging in the Amazon is a problem that affects citizens of all countries, and the U.S. should work with other countries to stop the practice. However, the U.S. has too many troops deployed around the globe and should stop sending military personnel to every country that has a problem.

  • The United States is spread thing.

    The United States is no better than any other developed country on earth. It has its own internal problems. The United States does not have the manpower to send troops to every place that there is a problem in the world. The country cannot afford to be the police of the world.

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