• Ofcourse they should, and they will!

    Cannabis has been proven to reduce crime rates, prison rates and disease. It poises absolutely no dangers. In fact, cannabis can be used to manufacture paper. This means all the timbering for paper industries can end, all you Global warming fanatics want this don't you? Moreover, the plant itself has been proven to remove radiation from the ground in Hiroshima, even give better oxygen production than any other plant. Furthermore, it provides an income to some people and medicine for others.

  • Have you seen the economic deficit?

    Seriously. Lets just talk green here. Greenbacks in specific; I mean the amount of money that could be contributed to lifting the enormous debt off the countries back would be staggering. Its not like our government is doing a great job at helping us get out of the hole we've all dug for ourselves.

  • As someone from Washington state

    Where pot is already legal for personal non-medical use, I see no problem with the legalization of pot for medical use.

    It's not like Seattle fell into the ocean when we made it legal last year. We're still counted as the most hard-working city in the nation. It's just become a little more likely you'll catch a whiff of marijuana as you walk around downtown.

  • Yes, and they will.

    Hopefully Missouri will be next. A former government drugs advisor, Professor David Nutt, recently stated that the War on Drugs such as marijuana, MDMA, and LSD is "the worst case of scientific censorship since the Catholic Church banned the works of Copernicus and Galileo." It is undeniable that marijuana has a laundry list of health benefits, and that its side effects are next to nothing compared to almost every other Big Pharma drug. It's only a matter of time at this point.

  • It is abused.

    Marijuana even if medicinal, is often abused and traded illegally. If it were legalized widespread for medicinal purposes it would be easier to smuggle across states where it is illegal and increase the crime rate, which would inadvertently raise taxes to pay for the justice process. Marijuana itself is already a multi-billion dollar illegal industry. So the last thing people need is the state legalizing it for medicinal purposes and adding to the amount of money being flowed through this underground non-taxable economy. Adding to the illegal drug trade ALSO increases taxes to fund the war on drugs, which is already an uphill battle.

  • No, no, no!!

    I have seen so manyeople fall into the lifestyle where they are lazy, gain a lot of weight and eventually struggle to,hold down a job. I disagree that it is a gateway drug. It does not lead to harder drugs, but it does run a high risk of addiction and negative lifestyle change. Furthermore, we already have problems with drunk drivers, let's not make the roads any more dangerous.

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