Illinois to votes on millionaire's tax: Is it fair to tax millionaires more than less wealthy taxpayers?

  • Which adjusting for tax loop holes, it's clear the wealthy are not paying their fair share of taxes.

    Once it is taken into account the variety of investment and business related tax deductions and credits,as well as profit loss offsets, it becomes evident that the wealthy have a proportionally lower tax debt than those in the lower income brackets. With this is mind, it can only be seen as fair to offset some of that wealth based benefit by imposing a higher and/or independent tax rate on the higher income brackets. There by insuring that all citizens are paying their fair share.

  • Yes, I believe it is fair to tax millionaires more than less wealthy taxpayers.

    Yes, I believe it is fair to tax millionaires more than less wealthy taxpayers. Millionaires typically put more strain on the system and the atmosphere due to owning planes, sports cars, large properties etc. They should be taxed a higher percentage based on the luxuries of which they utilize to cover the additional pollution, etc.

  • Plase, Illinois! No more taxes for the wealthy or anyone.

    Taxing the wealthy is a tricky thing. Everyone needs to pay their fair share, however placing higher taxes on people who can afford to leave, will only cause them to leave. They will find a way around it. Reality is, ever increasing taxes is a problem for everyone; from the people struggling to make ends meet to the rich. The answer is not adding taxes to any group. The answer needs to be cutting government spending, by slimming down the size of government and the scope of their involvement in our lives.

  • Everyone is equal.

    This is outrageous. Some of these millionaires may be trust fund babies and didn't work a day in there life to get the money they have, but most worked there butt's off to get to what they have. I am someone who is middle to lower class and feel everyone needs to be taxed the same, regardless of income.

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