I'm a 16 yo boy and still get spanked by my dad. Do you think that's o. K. ?

  • You are not too old for it!

    Young man, As long you are younger than 18 your dad has the right to spank you when you need it. The equation is pretty simple: behave well = you don't get spanked!
    Kudos to your dad for the courage to discipline you, And I hope he spanks you with a belt (like this one on the picture) on your bare behind!

  • Anything the Self permits, The Self deserves

    If you're going to permit this to occur instead of coming back throwing hands like it's Dicaprio at the climax of "This Boy's Life", Then Of Course. Anyone who allows intrusion into the sanctity of their being, Has it coming (and Yes, I know what I'm saying, There; I Believe That, Too! ). Weakness, Is ugly, And it's stupid and unforgivable. You disagree, You Own It. There Are No Advocates. There Should Be No Advocates. Grow the-Hell up. Either come back at him with terminal intensity or start wearing women's clothes.

  • No absolutely not!

    I live in Sweden where it is illegal to hit youre children which it should be in the whole world if people were humane. I know it is difficult to raise children especially at the age of 16 so you who asked the question (and everyone at that age) of course have a duty to do the right thing. Both parents and young people have an obligation to care and do their best. Usually parents need to care much more. If they do not have the strength, They should not have become parents. Today's young people also have a lot to improve as they often want everything serviced, Refuse to take responsibility for what they do and do not do. Violence has never solved anything just scared people, Made them obey and then sabotaged their lives.

  • He is gay.

    No. Absolutely not. If your literal dad is still spanking you at 16, Then he is probably gay with you and is sexually aroused by spanking you. You need to get the hell outta there right now. Go to your friend's house and live there for the rest of your teen years.

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