• Take this test.

    1. ) Do you notice a difference between people with light skin and people with dark skin.
    2. ) Do you think dark skinned people have the short end of the stick?
    3. ) Do you support BLM?
    4. ) Is White Supremacy real?
    5. ) Do you support getting rid of the police?

    If you answered no to one of these questions, You are racist. LOL. Take that Gamora

  • I hate you!

    What sort of test is this? Answer one wrong and your racist? What about the misinformed and ignorant or mentally ill? Are they racist? Is it racist to say something racist when your 80 years old and losing all your memory while you lie in a deathbed. Is it racist for an alien that doesn’t understand racism to say something bad about black people? You need to cut people more slack

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