• I hate my mother!

    I always thought my mother was a dick. She gave Jamal more love than me and she was super mean to people with darker skins but then one day I bring home this wounded kitten and she murdered the poor animal right in front of me! That was when I started living with my father and when my mother got kidnapped, She blamed Jews, LGBT people, And the BLM movement for her suffering. She is racist and Anti-Semitic. I HATE YOU MOTHER FRIGGING RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, TRANS PHOBIC, BUTTHOLE. You are worse than the men and boys. At least the men and boys shows sympathy towards people of minority culture and all you want to do is discriminate and beat them up all because "They don't see the world in your eyes" oh yeah, Well minority cultures are vital to our world, They teach us how they live life and they just want to be humans like you and me and all you do is treat them like animals. Black Lives Matter mother and you need to get that through your thick headed, Fat caked, Butt hole skull and yeah I know I'm white but being white isn't going to stop me from standing with those you cursed. So get your cheap lying, No good, Rotten smelling toilet seat, Low life, Snake licking, Dirt eating, Inbreed overstuffed ignorant, Blood sucking, Dog kissing, Brainless dick, Hopeless heartless, Fat buggy eyed, Stiff legs, Tough lips, Worm head, Sack of money poop A**hole to work right now and you owe a lot of people big apologies.

  • You missed one point (I'm proud to be gay)

    I totally agree with you girl but you missed one thing that I'm here to fill in. Your mother is not only racist but she is also homophobic. Trust me, She was my former neighbor and she constantly bullied my husband and I and she tried to take away my child because "Gay people can't raise children and God hates gay people" that isn't true. Love is love lady. LGBT's will stand with Jamal's sister in this fight. Gay people are humans too and we need to teach this woman a lesson. You know, Maybe we should all spank your tush and send you off with babies in the womb or as someone else suggested, We should make you a slave or human trafficking victim. If your going to treat people like merchandise, Well I believe it's your turn now. C'mon LGBT and lets stand with a girl that actually respects our opinions. Stand with the sister and oppose the one who gave birth to her.

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