• I am Loki

    Hey star lord, Guess what, Radar is picking up gamora signals everywhere. I do not know what is happening but something big is ready to happen. You better get your spaceship over here because one of these hits might come positive. Oh, And if you have an extra 50, 000 dollars on hand, You could give that to me in exchange for the space stone and then you can bring back all the other infinity stones

  • I got in close contact with Loki.

    Thor told me back in 2018 that his brother was killed by Thanos who later killed my girlfriend and later got himself killed by that Tony Stark Dude that passed on. I have spent this whole week getting weird news. First one was that Loki had been discovered alive after he stole the space stone and ran away from NYC. The second is that Gamora 2014 is Loki's #1 target right now. Anybody here willing to help me track down Loki and possibly close the Gamora case once and for all?

  • Hello starlord I am jamal

    I am the 469 pound kid that Loki trained and he trained me to sit on a stupid Jew like you so HAHA I’m going to sit on you and make you feel like a dumb fat loser. Oh wait you’re not even fat you’re just a loser LOL I’m glad loki trained me

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