• The Crazy Hamburger

    Vvelcome to Joker's kitchens today vve are making giant hamburger horse meat red hot chili peppers grass of death oil from Iraq cheese from Sao Paulo from Brazil bread made in Turkey first put red hot chili peppers now put oil very very horibel spicy horibel horibel spicy tit is Joker hamburger cook on thousand degrees cooling down horse meat tit is Joker's big hamburgers I'm going to eat this hamburgers tit is horibel CRAZY HAMBURGER CRAZY HAMBURGER TIT IS HORIBEL CRAZY HAMBURGER CRAZY HAMBURGER CRAZY HAMBURGEEEEEEER

  • Ha ha! Free at last!

    Hey Loki, Thanks for breaking me out of Death row last night and gee, Your spaceship is awesome! Where are you Star Lord because this girl on board is hot and if you don't come soon, I'm going to sit on her and break every single bone in her back! HA HA HA!

    P. S. I left my cards behind at Ark ham Asylum and I still think Harvey Dent is racist!

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