I'm why do people believe that Muslims are terrorists?

Asked by: liamwells
  • There's a misunderstanding

    Before I begin,I just need to let you know that I am an agnostic so I will only stand for something that have concrete proof,the reason why people believed that is because ISIS masquerades itself as Muslims or as the group that fights for Islam so that they can commit these acts and get support from muslims,so far that' the most probable theory and the Al-Quran never condone all the acts made by ISIS so they must be the fake muslims,and finally,the press,a lot of people depend on the press to know things and sometimes,the press can be a little misleading because seriously,the people in the press never understand the philosophy of Islam and blame it on the religion,that is very disappointing,the press really need to research the Quran and justify it

  • Yes Muslims are terrorists just as Christians are also

    Religious persecutions has been part of Mankind's history for over 2000 years. Mankind has terrorized one another for beliefs, land and many other reasons. It is very important for people to be educated enough to understand not all Muslims are terrorists.
    There is a western religion who has terrorized for over 1000 years and have so much power that they continue to terrioze but their tactics have changed. With that said it just proves that money and power with influence doesn't accuse the fact that not only does Muslims have extremists but other religions groom them also. ..... (I am a Christian with no denomination just believe in God's Word)

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