Imagine voting about political issue, subject. Do you agree you to vote how someone else like it in exchange you to receive 100 euro?

Asked by: anzo
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  • Against the premise of democracy

    The totality of all citizens should vote based on who would best serve the general public. If some sort of financing voting scheme is provided, it would distort the whole process of free and fare election. It would be no longer free since your vote is anchored to monetary value. And it would not be fare since the whoever pays more will get your vote.

  • The cause is important.

    It is bad thing to sell your vote for money. Because you can destroy the life of someone in this way. And 100 euro is too small amount of money to sell your soul. With selling your vote, you'll go to hell . There Satan will torment you. You vote for money... Horror future is awaiting you.

    Posted by: anzo

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