Immigration Crisis: Can our public services support the influx of illegal immigrants?

  • Yes, illegal immigrants don't use public services

    Knowing that they are in the country illegally, most illegal immigrants will not use public services out of fear of being found out and deported. If we were to allow more people to come to the country legally, they would be able to pay taxes and support the public services that they could then use. Most immigrants are not trying to come here to "work the system" and get everything for free.

  • I believe in Immigration, but in a legal version of it.

    We just can't afford this type of immigration right now, we just can't. I am a Liberal and I believe we need an immigration reform, but this whole mess happening right now will not help us move forward. I know many of the families stuck in the border are running away from the violence and poverty in their countries, but that does not make illegal immigration any better. I think those families should apply for asylum in other developed nations as well, not just the US.

  • Everyone must contribute to a unified tax system

    We live and work in a society that lacks proper regulating policies to sustain public service and support for an influx of illegal immigrants. A more simplified reason to this statement is based on the current tax system. Countries like the United Kingdom can sustain an influx of illegal immigrants primarily due to high levels of personal income tax per citizen of the UK. An average citizen of the UK pays over 30 percent in personal tax which greatly offsets increased costs of standard public services. By increasing taxable income across the nation, our public services can support the influx of illegal immigrants.

  • No, we can not support the immigrants

    Something definitely needs to be done about illegal immigrations to stop any more from coming over. The US economy is already in bad shape and can not handle the added burden of more people who choose to come over here with nothing. We need to help our people who are here already and not add more problems we can't solve.

  • We have to have more payers.

    No, our public services cannot support the influx of illegal immigrants, because when you have more people taking from a system than you have paying in, you have a math problem that is eventually not going to work. We have to have more people paying, because we cannot afford to support these children who come here and expect free schooling, room, and board.

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