Immigration crisis: Do we have a current crisis, or is this just politics?

  • Yes we have a crisis!

    I think the US has a huge crisis right now in regards to Immigration. I think we need to protect the ones that are already here and not punish them, but also make sure that we are safe and that we do not allow the situation to repeat itself. I think we need to make clear immigration laws for the future and then try to figure out the best way to handle the ones that are already here.

  • We have more than we can handle.

    Yes, we have a current immigration crisis, because the numbers of illegal immigrants that are pouring into this country has increased exponentially, even just in the last few weeks. There are even reports that the executive branch is taking steps to encourage more illegals to come to this country. The problem has gotten worse recently.

  • It is just politics as usual

    America as a nation has very few problems, and immigration is the least of those problems. The average American born family has been multiplying at a slower rate recently, so without new immigrants the United States would be in a population decline. The issue of immigration is one that is 100 percent invented by politics.

  • No, I don't believe it's a crisis.

    I think politicians would like everyone to believe that immigrants are coming into this country in record droves while taking all our jobs and not paying any taxes. If you look at the stats this just isn't true. Most of them work for very little pay with no benefits in jobs that most Americans would scoff at.

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