Immigration crisis: Should we get rid of the anchor baby path to citizenship?

  • Anchor Babies Weigh will cause the U.S. to Sink.....

    With the condition of the current U.S. Economy, the anchor baby path will surly lead us to ruin. As it is Lower Middle-Class Americans can not afford health care, prescription drugs or healthy food in some cases. Yet we can find it in the budget to feed, clothe, school and support medically all of these children being shoved over the borders from adjacent countries.

    In My Opinion this money would be better spent on medical marijuana research and the control of GMO's and unhealthy food additives, among other things. Let's not ignore the fact that when we see an American citezen who happens to be homeless living in a cardboard box on the sidewalk and digging through the trash to find that bite of food to eat for the day we turn our heads and ignore it, but whenever some illegal comes into this country illegally and complains that there's no food, shelter or clothing in their country we open our arms and our wallets in an instant.

    If we can't take care of our own then how can we take care of anyone else?

  • It has brought too many.

    Yes, we should get rid of the anchor baby path to citizenship, because there are too many people who come to this country just to have children. It is too much of a carrot to give these people because they come to the United States just to have a child, knowing that when the child is 21, they too can come to the United States legally. A child should have to have one American parent in order to be a citizen when it is born here.

  • Anchor baby is citizenship through the back door

    Couples can and will use and exploit this loophole in the law in order to gain citizenship of the USA. American citizenship has been the goal of many immigrants and they will continue to try to immigrate illegally or will simply produce children in order to have them sponsor their own citizenship.

  • Citizenship is not a birthright

    I immigrated to the US "legally" with my family when I was 5. It wasn't until I was 22 when I became naturalized. I had to earn my citizenship to be granted this privilege. I've lived here most of my whole life. I don't think that this is some birthright.

  • What does it mean to be American?

    If being an American means just being born here, then you're throwing an American to a foreign country that they do not know.

    If that's not being an American, then what is exactly? Do you have to pass a test? Do you need to have a certain IQ? Many Americans could care less about their country.

    Once a child is born here in the U.S. we have deemed them to be American. Although parents might very well use their children as tools in order to get their own citizenship, in which case we could think of it as an investment, we can't displace them simply because we find it as an annoyance.

    If we were to throw out a child because we wouldn't consider them American, who else could be next? Are latinos, in general, American; why not throw all of them out of the country while we're at it?

  • No Protect C hildren

    We should not get rid of Anchor Baby policies because children have no control over what their parents do. Children born in the U.S. have a right to stay here. It is not their fault that parents made what some believe to be a questionable decision. Why punish them for the decisions that the parents made?

  • What is an American?

    If we throw out 'American' children who are born here because of whatever means, then what defines an American?

    One could say that all latinos, in general, are un-'American' and we should also kick them out of the country. While we're at it, let's get rid of anyone else who we find to be an annoyance.

    Does being an 'American' mean you're white? Does it mean you have a certain IQ? Does it mean you have a specific form of wealth? No. It means being a citizen of the United States.

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