Immigration Crisis: Will Obama's decision to not tour Texas have backlash like Bush's previous decision not to tour the Gulf after Katrina?

  • Yes, I believe it will.

    He has put his sand in the sand surrounding this whole immigration crisis. To be in Texas and so close to the border, but not feel like you should witness it yourself as the president is completely disappointing. There is no excuse for wanting to be ignorant about a situation. If he continues to do nothing this will be exactly like Katrina.

  • No, it will not.

    He does not have to tour Texas. He needs to get things done in Washington. All these immigrants are becoming a problem and need to stay in the country they came from. We have enough problems here already and can not take care of the people we have here already. Take care of your own before you take on any more.

  • Yes, it shows little interest in supporting this major problem.

    While immigration reform is a national issue, it is the people of Texas that are on the forefront of the crisis. A key role of a president is to show compassion and emotional support for those affected by crises. Obama's decision will have serious political consequences, especially if a major resolution isn't enacted during his presidency.

  • Obama Is Making a Bad Choice

    Obama's choice not to tour Texas will be a bad decision. This is because there are democrats in the South and the President, not giving this major state the time of day, will reflect badly on him with Southerners. Although there are many Republicans, Texas is a politically diverse state. Obama should be more aware than this.

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