Immigration in the United States: Can the USA assimilate more than 11 million illegal immigrants?

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  • No, it would hurt the economy.

    No, the USA cannot assimilate more than 11 million illegal immigrants, because there would be large problems with social welfare. The United States cannot give benefits to that many people without having a strain on the government budget. There would also be problems with facilitating paperwork for that many people, and agreeing on a system for assimilation.

  • Assimilation Impossible for 11 Million Illegal Immigrants

    Unfortunately, the United States can't assimilate over 11 million illegal immigrants no matter the time allotted. Even immigrants who come here legally don't fully assimilate into society, which means it's impossible for illegal immigrants. The country continues to change with more and more illegal immigrants entering the country, and it seems like Americans are the ones forced to change their ways.

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