Immigration in the United States: Does immigration have a net positive effect on the United States?

  • America is a nation of immigrants

    The US is a nation of immigrants, and immigration typically has a net positive effect on the US, both historically and contemporary. We need to emphasize this more, and stop pretending immigrants are taking our jobs and causing all the social malaise that we're facing, and stop being realistic about the problems.

  • Legal immigration is the foundation of our country.

    Without immigration, the United States would not exist. People must go through the proper channels to immigrate. As long as they go through the process of becoming a legal citizen, immigration is a positive. We cannot deny people the right to become part of our nation, as that is how our nation was built.

  • Unless an immigrant is highly educated and has something to offer this country? They are no needed or wanted.!

    The immigrants are ruining our country and Americans are finally demanding MASS deportation. They offer NOTHING of value. It is stupid to cite the past, we are over croweded and we want them gone!! Thank GOD that time is coming!!! Have you SEEN the numbers on this? The Americans are a sleeping giant waking up and it is starting to rumble, WE WANT MASS DEPORTATIONS!! NOW!!!!

    Trust me, that day is coming.!!

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