Immigration: Should the federal government supply emergency funding to secure our borders?

  • Yes, it is necessary to stem the tide.

    This border crisis is a classic example that if you avoid a growing problem long enough, it becomes an emergency. Immigration should have been improved long ago. However, the current situation requires emergency action. For the safety of those trying to enter and those in Texas, the government needs to step in.

  • Time this was done

    Every country should secure its borders, even the United States. Scaremongering about immigration figures aside, it's essential that we know how many people are entering the country and for what reasons. No country can sustain or afford a free-for-all policy, and in the current economy we simply can't support everyone who wants to come.

  • Yes, I believe we should.

    I think if something isn't done, we will be overrun with the children of these countries that we can't possibly support or care for. While we should be open to immigrants, I think there are extenuating circumstances here that force us to close our borders until we can figure out how to help them all.

  • The immigration situation requires no action.

    Looking at the phenomenon from an informed, cost benefit point of view as opposed to a knee-jerk or nationalistic one reveals that illegal immigrants actually contribute more to the United States economy than they cost it. Illegals fill jobs which would otherwise be vacant, stimulate the private sector through use of goods and services, and are, believe it or not, MORE LIKELY to pay taxes than they are to make use of social services. For some reason DDO won't allow me to post a link in my argument, but feel free to send me a private message if you're interested in seeing my sources.

  • If it were a surprise, it would be an emergency.

    People have been hopping the border to get into the US from Central America for decades. Why should it be a state of emergency for immigrants to sneak into the country now when they've been doing it since my grandparents were alive? It shouldn't be. I think politicians are looking for loopholes to beef up security.

  • There's a Cheaper Way.

    Just cut off welfare for illegal aliens and their anchor babies and most illegal aliens will go home on their own. End the failed drug prohibition and the foreign drug cartels are out of business. Considering the political dynasties which were built from bootlegging I shouldn't need to name names here) I hate to think of the political influence the illegal drug trade is buying. According to the FBI revenue from the illegal drug industry equal revenue from the food industry in the U.S. I think we're missing out on untold tax dollars without curbing drug abuse. Two simple answers. Many problems addressed. Let's get smarter and get on this.

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