Imperialism is what got Europe to it's position today.

Asked by: Rezamee
  • Technically it is?

    Maybe I'm misinterpreting this question, or just taking a deeper interpretation of a very vague question. But in reality, Europe was formed very much through imperialism going from barbaric tribes, to the Roman Empire, to the Germanic kingdoms including the Franks and Britains, as well as others. Again, maybe this is beyond your original scope of the question? But in the whole scheme of things yes.

  • As someone who was a History major I would argue NO

    I think their are a lot of misconceptions about Imperialism in the last couple of hundred years. Imperialism proved to be extremely inefficient and more costly than the actual benefit was. For example Spain owned the peru area of SA and stole a ton of silver and gold (when I mean stole they actually didn't take much from the actual natives because the natives didn't care about the gold they just forced them to mine it). Now instead of making Spain rich it actually caused crazy inflation and sent Spain into bankruptcy. So in reality imperialism actually hurt them.

    The same could be applied to any resource and it is extensively proven that imperialism isn't not beneficial. We like to think that we stopped invading countries because we evolved and became civilized but that's just we learned that it is actually better to not spend so much money invading countries and running them.

    Now their is a strong argument to say that Europe screwed over several African countries and villages and hurt them so much that they are still paying the price for that. But the question was did they benefit and the evidence is clear it is a big fat NO!

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