In 100 Years, Are We Going to Look at Abortion with the same Shock we look at Slavery today?

Asked by: stschiffman
  • Wrong Side of History

    Those who support killing never go down in history as the good side. Those who think that unborn babies are less than human are going to go down in history the same way that the Nazis who thought that Jews were less human have; with evil and absolutely no respect.

    Fact is, people are people. Black people are still people, Jews are still people, and babies are still people. And if you feel any differently, well, you'd better hope you never live to see the day when history books talk about how evil you truly are.

  • YES. Those that supported Abortion "rights" will be viewed similarly to Nazi sympathizers.

    Those on the NO side of this argument typically subscribe to moral relativism, Where right and wrong are subjective and malleable to the culture of the day. Moral relativism says killing babies 4 inches on the wrong side of the birth canal is OK and 4 inches on the other side of the birth canal is murder. Moral relativism also said that abusing and killing black slaves or white Jews was OK, As what is/was OK is relative to the time and culture of its day. Abortion is justified by the "good" it brings, Saving the parents the struggle or embarrassment of dealing with the unwanted baby. Well robbery could also be justified by the "good" it brings, The beneficiary of the robbery (the robber) doesn't have to suffer the struggle or embarrassment of being without money.
    Anyone supporting the "NO" side can't say I'm absolutely wrong because then they would be embracing Moral Absolutism which is what I embrace.

  • Yes, viewed in context of the time.

    In 1840, many reasonable people could rationalize and justify the enslavement of other human beings...They didn't see the injustice and evil in it. 176 years later...No sane person would justify it. In 100 years from now, I'd hope that contraception could be developed to the point that abortion would be a moot concept. And I think in that context, most people will view it with the same horror as we view slavery today. Anyone who argues that an unborn child in the womb is any less of a person that a newly born child that just exited the womb is deluding themselves.

  • Unless they also consider a bacterium a person.

    Black people have brains, Jews have brains, they are emotionally complex, conscious, sentient or whatever other trait is needed for personhood. A fetus has none of those until late in the pregnancy when abortion is incredibly rare. If future humans are going to look back and be disgusted, it will probably because of our treatment of single celled organisms, you know the billions we kill every time someone washes their hands.

  • Just the opposite.

    My guess is that in 100 years, anti-abortion will be a thing of the past. People will likely realize how unplanned pregnancy can be very detrimental to all those involved.
    Overpopulation is a real threat to our own survival. There is only so much this planet can produce. If population continues to grow, we will come to a point where this planet can no longer produce enough food to feed everyone. This means that those without the means to get enough are going to die of starvation. Some countries have already suffered because their country is running out of places to use to grow the ever rising amount of food needed. Many of these have already made laws and policies that are used to control population growth. In these countries, things like abortion and sterilization are not only acceptable but encouraged. One of the most active in this is China. Tho having one child is fine, having more than one is discouraged, and unauthorized births are punished with fines although there have been allegations of forced abortions and sterilization. According to their government officials, their policy has helped prevent about 400 million births.
    Sooner of later, every country will be faced with a population problem and they are likely to introduce similar policies of their own.

  • Slavery and abortion are two completely different things

    Slavery was forcing people into doing things that they don't want to and taking away their free will. By not allowing abortions, in a way, the woman(because males can't give birth yet) is made into a slave: she is forced to either give birth and raise the child or give it up for abortion or find another way to get rid of the fetus, her choice and free will is taken away because some pro-birthers think that by having an abortion you're killing a child.

  • No. . .

    And this is yet another pro-life appeal to emotion.

    This argument has no place in this debate. It is some of the worst sorts of manipulation that pro-life has to resort to .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Posted by: TBR

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