In 1991 President George H. W. Bush left Saddam in power. Was he wrong for doing this?

  • Yes he was.

    George H.W. Bush's reasons for invading Iraq were much more sound than his sons, and he was right and successful in his war against Iraq. He had a chance to get Saddam, but didn't, and that should not have happened. Carry out the mission to completion, otherwise it's a mess. And we saw what happened later.

  • Yes President George H. W. Bush was wrong for leaving Saddam in power.

    The decision of President George H. W. Bush to leave Saddam in power at the conclusion of the Desert Storm was wrong. Saddam was the major reason for instability in the region, has declared war on other countries in the region and had sworn that he would destroy the United States. The was no reason to leave him power, except for political gain in the Middle East.

  • Should of took him while they could

    Hindsight is always 20/20. It seems like a huge mistake now considering we went back in to get Saddam. Of course, we really were looking for weapons of mass destruction. So they tell us or told us. Of course, if Al gore were elected we probably would of not went into Iraq again. That is all speculation and nothing can be done about any of that now. Hopefully America will learn from it's mistakes. America is going to have to learn to admit it's mistakes in order to do that though.

  • He wasn't bad at the time.

    No, George Bush I wasn't wrong for leaving Saddam in power, because at the time Saddam wasn't doing anything that warranted taking him out of office. Hindsight is always 20-20. Bush I didn't know the challenges that Saddam would pose for later generations, including Bush II. Saddam was appropriately removed from office by Bush II.

  • It didn't need to be done at the time.

    President Bush was not wrong. In the eyes of the world, he only had to make Saddam submit. Back then there was no talk of weapons of mass destruction. No one really had this at top of mind, especially pre-9/11. If Bush had been the President at the time his son was, then he would have taken Saddam out the way his son did.

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