In 1995 Chris Farley crashed a House Republican Meeting and did his impersonation of Newt Gingrich. Was Farley a comedic genius?

  • Chris Farley was a comedic genius.

    Unfortunately, Chris Farley died at a very young age. He had so much to give and could have provided us with years of laughter, but it was not meant to be. He was a comedic genius amongst so many others of his day. Sadly, many of our comedians die tragically at a very young age. Oddly many of them come from the likes of SNL. Chris Farley is a comedic legend and will not soon be forgotten.

  • Yes, he was a comedic genius.

    Chris Farley was not only one of the greatest comedians of all time, but Farley was a comedic genius. He did the best Newt Gingrich impersonation--something that no other comedian could top. Farley also made several funny movies, as well as participated in countless funny sketches on Saturday Night Live.

  • He had a large following.

    Yes, Farley was a comic genius because he crashed a House Republican Meeting and did his impersonation of Newt Gingrich, because it was a bold choice. Today, people are too worried about what is considered normal and protocol. In 1995, Chris Farley wasn't afraid to take risks. It made him a legend.

  • Chris Farley died before he could become a true comic genius.

    Joan Rivers, George Carlin and Richard Pryor were comic geniuses. They reached a level of respect and achievement that takes years and although Chris Farley was a gifted and talented comedian, he died far too early in his career to be considered a true comic genius. He belongs in a class with John Belushi, John Candy and Sam Kinneson who all died too young for their gifts to truly blossom into something that can be considered genius.

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