In a city where the majority IS the "Minority," is Affirmative Action still fair?

Asked by: Copperti
  • Its not just about population.

    Affirmative action levels for systemic problems. If the problems were uniformly resolved from a shift in population, then removing affirmative action might be a good idea. That, at this time, is not the case.

    It seems that the reasoning gets missed. Many think the concept is simply some tit-for-tat sort of resolution. Historic inequities being resolved by giving favor. That is simply NOT what affirmative action is.

    Posted by: TBR
  • The Dividing Line

    Affirmative Action is a strange thing, when you think of it from this perspective:

    A city such as El Paso, Texas is majority Hispanic. The minority in this case will be Caucasians or African-Americans. There is definitely a language barrier even in this scenario as El Paso is still majorly a Spanish speaking or Bilingual speaking city--even in city government jobs.

    So one would question how fair Affirmative Action is in this scenario. Understandably, Affirmative Action is more than just about racial issues; gender issues and sexual orientation issues also apply. However, the question as to if it is fair or not in certain situations and certain cities.

    Possibly people are afraid that if Affirmative Action is revised or removed, "Minorities" will lose opportunities since the majority of people in power do not represent them properly. For this reason alone, a fear, Affirmative Action should not be changed regardless of how fair it may seem in a particular location.

  • Affirmative action is not fair to begin with.

    Affirmative action by definition is unfair. It gives certain people a better chance at improvement of life simply because they have a certain race or skin color. We live in a land that's supposed to be equal, not leaning to one side because we feel bad. Make up for past inequalities by being equal now.

  • Affirmative action is racism

    Affirmative action is a practical application of the very definition of racism. If ending racism is important then end affirmative action.

    Affirmative action punishes groups for the sins of possible grandfathers and is no different than the Democratic People Republic of Korea policy of punishing grandchildren of political dissidents. No person should be denied employment due to their race, especially to rectify possible sins of ancestors.

  • No longer needed.

    Unfortunately, in the U.S., there was a time when minorities where not treated as equals. There was still some time after that when they were intentionally held back from gaining positions, education, and wealth. Because they were held at such a disadvantage, it was only right that they should be allowed certain privileges so to have a fair chance at catching up with the majority. That is why affirmative action was the right thing to do.
    Since those days, minorities have had plenty of time to catch up. This can be seen by the fact that minorities are in all areas that where once solely occupied by the majority. We even have a president that is a minority. This is clear proof that minorities have had plenty of time to catch up so allowing something that gives an unfair advantage to others based on race is not only outdated but gives an unfair advantage to minorities that is no longer needed.

  • No, it isn't fair regardless

    In a white minority community, the majority is the minorities anyway, so what argument for AA could be used to support this? They're not being discriminated against without it and, and with it whites are being discriminated against, so there's no point in having it at all. It's just an unfair system.

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