In A Day, Is It Better To Risk 1 Negative Outcome for 10 decisions, Or To Risk 9 More For 100?

  • Percentage-wise, I'd go for the one.

    I'll take a 10% chance of failure over a 19% chance of failure any day. I can simply repeat the 10 over and over again and consistently come out ahead of those who chose the 19%. Anything else is filler, ladies and gentlemen, and filler is incredibly redundant, don't you know?

  • I Would Rather Risk the One.

    First off, I would rather have to make only ten important decisions in a day and get one negative outcome, then be faced with 100 important decision and have 10 negative outcomes. There is a lot of thinking and pondering when it comes to making important decisions and to me, I would think that I would feel better about myself if I only had one negative outcome a day, then to have to face 10 negative outcomes in a day. I think that all and all the less negative issues you deal with in day to day situations, the happier of a life you feel like you are having.

  • Less decisions are better.

    It is better to risk one negative outcome for ten decisions. This is because making one hundred decisions is much more stressful. So is having nine mistakes compared to having one mistake. Although both decisions equal 10% in mistakes, it is better to still have had to deal with less decision-making over all.

  • Take risks for a good life

    It is better to have 10 negative outcomes for every 100 decisions a day than just 1 bad outcome for ten decisions. It would be a boring life and not adventerous if you only made ten safe decisions a day. It would be an exciting life if you take more risks.

  • 1 for 10

    I think that for one day it is good just to have one bad outcome and make ten good decisions. If you are having to make one hundred decisions in your day that are significant, then you are going to have a really stressed life since that is a lot of decisions.

  • Success in life is a numbers game.

    Whether its business or pleasure, to achieve positive outcomes you have to take a risk. The more risk you take the greater your chance of success. Risking 10 negative outcomes for 100 potentially good decisions is better than only risking 1 for 10 decisions, because, all though the percentage is the same, you have made more good decisions at the end of the day.

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