• How can voting be compulsory in a democracy.

    There are two main things that I like about
    democracies. First, everyone in the
    country is supposed to get a vote. And second,
    everyone in the country is supposed to have the freedom of choice. In a true democracy, any one should be able
    to use their freedom of choice and choose not to vote.

  • No compulsory voting

    To vote is a right and a privilege. It is our right to choose if we would like to vote. People think that making voting compulsory will increase true representation, but they are wrong. Making uneducated voters show up at the polls would decrease true representation. Plus, we are focusing on the wrong problem, we need to be educating our voters instead of making uneducated voters show up at the polls.
    There are a number of countries in the world where mandatory citizen participation in elections is the law.  They might argue in those countries that they have a more informed, more active population and that their government is more of a democracy than most.
    In countries like the US, where people do not have to vote, there are biases against participation by the undereducated, the poor, minorities and immigrants.  So election results and representation in government does not reflect what the will of the majority is, since the will of the majority is not measured.
    On the other hand, just because you voted doesn't mean that you were informed.  Having a vote by people who don't know the candidates or issues doesn't always put the best person in office.  In addition, being truly free means you also have the right not to participate.  Maybe you don't believe in government or the system.  Should you be fined for not participating in something that you don't believe in? The answer is no. So for these reasons I stand firmly resolved that voting should not be mandatory in the United States.

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