In a loss for ExxonMobil, a N.Y. Supreme Court orders the oil giant to produce climate documents. Is ExxonMobil the world's worst polluter?

  • Yes it is.

    This is very true. ExxonMobil is the world's worst polluter. This has caused environment pollution and hence affected climate and its conditions. The N.Y. Supreme Court is actually right to order the oil giant to produce their climate documents. It was caused by their loss. Failure to produce this documents, the institution might face the law.

  • It is very likely.

    While the sheer extent of ExxonMobil's pollution of areas like the Mystic River is still unknown and will only be revealed after full disclosure, it is looking increasingly likely that they have caused considerable environmental damage over the past few decades and that they have engaged in a systematic attempt to cover it up.

  • Yes, Worst Polluter

    I can still picture the seals covered in oil from Exxon Valdez's gigantic oil spill in 1989. Oil covered birds and fish littered the shores. People have been interviewed from the area recently and the area is still toxic. It has been 25 years and the area still has not recovered from their mess. This was just the most famous of their accidents. Who knows what else they could be hiding from us?

  • ExxonMobil cannot be claimed as the world's worst polluter.

    The blame cannot be put onto one group or another until the climate documents give the facts. Plus, the affects would have to be evaluated on terms that would include all types of pollution including air, water, light, and more. To say a company is the worst because it spills oil and kills a small area of the ocean while companies pollute all of the air in major cities causing major diseases in entire populations of people would be unfair.

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