In a presidential election, does a single vote count for anything?

Asked by: abelsmack
  • Voting does count

    One vote can be the deciding factor for a state, hence leading to the tally of the electoral votes, which decides the election. If one person decides that they do not need to vote, chances are that other people would as well. If everyone voted, that is the only way that we will trull get the view of the people as a whole.

  • Every vote DOES count!

    Every vote goes toward the Popular vote. So, one vote can influence that outcome. The Popular vote in turn directly effects the Electoral vote. Most states operate under the "winner-take-all" philosophy, but not every state does. It takes a majority of 270 Electoral votes to garner victory. And there have been Presidential elections decided by the Electoral College. In fact, back in 1800, the Electoral College vote tied 269-269 between Thomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr). In this situation, the fate of the election goes to the House. Alexander Hamilton cast the deciding vote that elected Jefferson. A couple of years later, Burr gave Hamilton a bullet that mortally wounded him (in a state where duals were illegal). So, one vote can lead to a lot of things!

  • Voting is our duty

    Too many people have a poor attitude that assumes their singular vote will account for nothing in the final outcome of voting. While this is slightly true, too many people choose not to vote for this reason. If this vast majority of non-voters were required to vote, they could easily change the outcome. Voting is a duty we have as a citizen in a democracy; it is only appropriate that we use what we have to our advantage.

  • A single vote is nothing

    If you are talking about one single vote all by itself then no, a single vote is completely worthless. However this is why votes are grouped together, the more people that are involved in voting the more than things will happen. People need to understand that if they keep the feeling that their vote doesn't matter than their vote is just going to waste, it is a lot more valuable than they believe.

  • The only votes that count are electoral!

    Our votes don't count at all. It's all electoral and the president is determined before everyone even votes. The voting system is 100% wrong and unfair and needs to be changed to the old school way. The one with the most popular vote wins, is the best way to get a fair and square winner. The way it's set up now if you vote, this just give you the right to voice about how the new president is running our country. If you don't vote, no one wants to hear your opinion. If every single vote counted, they would have announced Presidents Obamas re-election a few weeks after the actual date of the election. Remember all the storms that came through, machines were down, ballots were in the mail, some places weren't even done counting votes and they announced him winning anyhow. This 100% proves that it doesn't matter who votes or if our vote is on time or not! Our votes don't count anyhow!!!

    This is exactly how I think it needs to be set up, just like all the shows were the people are all on at one time and each week someone gets booted out like the singers. The American public needs to be the ones asking the questions, not someone in the news media or already famous person. At least this way we would get to hear them all at the same time and during the entire campaign. All of the third party candidates are totally left out of the loop, because they are not famous or rich enough to get the television attention air time but they need to. Everyone needs to be heard!

  • In the electoral college only 538 votes count.

    In states like Texas or California the outcome is predetermined and the states give 100% of the electoral count to the state winner. This means that a republican in California or a Democrat in Texas or a a third party in either cannot effect the outcome of the election and therefore their vote has no value. If you are in a swing state your vote has a potential to count.

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