In a presidential election, should all candidates for presidency have to be completely anonymous to avoid gender/race bias?

Asked by: Fancy_Bear
  • I personally think yes

    I think yes because I've yet to meet a black person in my area who's yet to vote for Obama besides the fact he is black. That's just my 2 cents, I wanna hear what you guys think.

    When I said completely anonymous, I mean voice is distorted (avoid gender bias), candidate is always under shadow (avoid race/color bias) and any other physical things that could influence how people see them.

  • It would create other problems.

    While that sounds like a great idea on the surface, it would be disastrous. I could run for president and say everything the people would want to hear. They would elect me and I'd destroy America. It is extremely important to know who the candidates are, because we should know if they are actually capable of carrying out their promises and if they have done something that shows they will be bad in office. During a blind election, all the candidate has to do is say what the majority like. Remember, once he/she is in office, they don't have to do anything they promised to do.

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