In a war, is the death of a civilian worse than the death of a soldier? (the civilian and the soldier are the same age)

Asked by: Theunkown
  • A soldier volunteers to sacrifice his/her life for his/her country.

    Soldiers want to die for their country because that's what they signed up for. Civilians are a different story. They don't want to die for their country. They are, like named, innocent. They don't deserve to die just because some guy wanted to kill people because he felt like it. So, it would be worse to for a civilian to die because they didn't have any reason to die.

  • Seriously People? Just Stop

    The difference between a soldier and a civilian? One volunteers for war. One gives his life for the civilian. When a soldier signs up, they agree to protect the common man with his life. I would kill 200 soldiers to save one citizen. The citizen didn't agree to die. Urghh, I'm pissed off by no

  • It's a matter of consent to participate in a potentially dangerous situation,

    While it's true that their lives are of equal value, in fact all lives are of equal value, the civilian didn't make the choice to put themselves in a dangerous situation. They were killed as a result of a murder or callus mistake, and we're innocent and undeserving. A soldier signed up for the fight, and would've been killed intentionally as a result of their choice to be involved. It's a matter of personal consent. I would argue the civilian death is worse.

  • Death of soldier vs civilian

    While the death of a soldier is bad, the death of a civilian is worse. As Dishoungh said, the soldier knew what the cost of war could be, and they still signed up. An innocent civilian though has no part in the war. Collateral damage is bad, but if it involves civilians, it is worse.

  • Soldiers are still human.

    Of course, it can be argued that the civilian is innocent and never asked for the war and only desired peace.
    But would the soldier also not be longing for peace? Would they also not have families who would grieve at their loss, much like a civilian's family?
    The result is the same, a loss of a life.
    This is not to say that civilians matter little, but that they should not be valued over soldiers. We are all human and we all have our own families.

  • Depends on the situation.

    But in most cases, no, they have the same effect, another human life, snuffed out. Granted, it maybe more upsetting for a civilian to be killed by a stray missile or bullet. However, should the Civilian have received ample warning, via news reports, leaflets, neighbors, gossip, etc, they should have evacuated the area and allow the armies to slug it out. That being said, any death is a loss of life, and both should be treated as such.

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