In America during a child's yearly physical there should be a psychiatric evaluation to help identify any struggles and prevent mental health issues.

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In America during a child's yearly physical there should be a psychiatric evaluation to help identify any struggles and prevent mental health issues.
  • Of Course, There are Too Many Mental Issues

    More and more children, nowadays, have mental health problems. Depression has increased, as has anxiety. If we can find these problems early on, it may give the child and easier life instead of having to deal with those problems through their teen years. I myself have had depression for a very long time, and if we had had a psychiatric evaluation as well as a physical, it may been much more helpful.

  • Change American Mental Health from the Ground Up

    There is a huge mental health issue in America, but its a taboo subject that no one wants to face. If we teach kids from a young age to trust and talk to therapists and to help deal with there struggles or mental health issues it will mean a healthier childhood for our kids and will, as they grow, make America stronger and more stable. If everyone has a yearly appointment mental health problems can be address before they reach an extreme stage. This could prevent suicide, mass shootings, even murders. It could prevent teens from struggling with depression alone and prevent bullying and allow those bullied to work through there suffering.

    We get check ups for our physical body, why not our mental and emotional health as well?

  • Removing the stigma of mental illness would be more helpful.

    A therapist (or even worse, a general practitioner with little/no psychiatry training) can only detect a mental illness once it becomes symptomatic. At which point, the sufferer would also know they have an illness, making the annual evaluation a moot point.

    Most mental illnesses are undiagnosed because people are afraid of getting a diagnosis and being stuck with the stigma of being "the crazy person." People who don't want to be diagnosed with a mental illness can just as easily lie during their annual evaluation. Removing the stigma and improving supports for those with mental illness would be far more helpful in getting people to come forward.

    Plus, you'd also be running into the problem of doctors searching for symptoms of mental illness where there are none. Leading to wrongful/useless prescriptions, etc.

  • This would be good for the pharmaceutical industry...

    I am convinced that if psychiatric assessments were imposed on all children, the number of children prescribed psychiatric medications would increase astronomically. Being that the health side effects of these medications can cause life-long side effects, and even disability, I do not feel that this is desirable in any way shape or form. I would, however, support the universal availability of various forms of talk therapy from certified psychologists, and psychiatrists who have completed their formal four year psycho-analytical training in addition to their medical residency.

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