• Texting is a horrible problem

    Texting is a useful resource
    Our generation has overused it so much that its become a bad omen
    More and More kids are getting mobile phones which means… more texting
    The average teen sends about 3,000 (3,339) texts every month
    Useless phrases like… Hi, What are you doing, and other phrases of the sort are common
    A study shows that most boys use texting as a resource; to pass information and ask questions their problem is just grammar
    Girls use texting as a form of entertainment so all of the cons listed on the previous page apply to them
    People have turned Texting, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp into a form of entertainment
    Abundance of health problems caused
    Back pain from being hunched over
    Fingers hurt from tapping all the time
    Eye sight deteriorates
    Grammar skills deteriorate
    Hide emotions
    Avert Questions that are unanswerable
    Not Face to Face

  • Major problem with mostly girls but guys have a problem as well

    Texting kill people because they can't get off of there phone long enough to avoid a accident. Personally I think that texting if for if that person is at work or if you have someone else in the car tell them to text that person,and texting is for people who don't want to call that person but you want to send 1000 texts a day but you don't want to call that person

  • Texting is a bad habit

    Texting is a BIG fat problem in American society b/c it has become a normal part of communication and because after a while it becomes a habit, so pretty soon you start texting more than you actually talk to people. Unfortunately many people begin to substitute texting for face-to-face conversations, but the truth is the written word is not the same thing as face-to-face communication. For example when you text someone you aren't able to see their facial expressions, so how do you know that they're telling the truth, or whether they're being sarcastic or not?

  • Texting at times can be a problem

    Texting can be addictive, since it's so immediate. It can be dangerous if people text or check texts while driving. Excessive texting in teens can lead to risky behavior, sleep disruption and even a lack of attention at school. From a social standpoint, it can be seen as rude if you text one person while talking to another. Texting is also missing the social context you get from actual human interaction.

  • In America, texting has become a problem.

    In America, texting has become a problem. I would not say that it is really a problem but most Americans text now then they do of actual talking on the phone. I think it is quicker and easier to text something to someone than to interrupt them by calling them.

  • Unfortunately, it has.

    I do feel texting has become a bit of an issue lately. It is something that has become so big it must be addressed as we speak, but I do see a lot of people that text while driving, or a lot more people texting while they are in class.

  • Communication skills are being lost due to texting's popularity

    Grammar, spelling, and the art of conversation are only a few of the things we are losing in America as texting becomes evermore popular. When you can tell someone something without looking at them, it becomes easier to be cruel, and easier to be overly sexual or inappropriate. It is also rude when someone is texting instead of paying attention to those around them.

  • Texting is bad.

    Yes, because people do it in class at school, at work, in the mall with other friends, and so many more places! People drive and text, and say, "Oh, I can multi-task!!" But usually, they can't! There has been many studies to see if people can multi-task, and 98% of the country can't multi-task.

  • Driving

    People text while they are driving and it is a big issue because they are getting into car accidents and it happens all over America. People don't see it as a problem, but it really is. They get a text and see it and in that 1 second you see they get into car accidents.

  • Major problem!

    I believe texting has become a major problem in America. I think kids rely too much on abbreviating everything for text messages, they forget how to spell and form complete sentences. There's also the issue of texting and driving that is causing a lot of teenagers to put their lives, as well as others, in danger.

  • No texting really hasn't become a problem

    Educating on proper use of it maybe yes, but the act itself is not the problem. The act itself is benign, harmless, and only becomes bad if misused. The misuse is bad, but not texting by itself. So no I don't find texting to be a problem, just how it is used.

  • No

    It is a way to communicate, it is moving further into technologies' future. We need it to talk to our kidds when they're trying to phone us and were in a meeting, its almost a necessity. And we need it to communicate when at a concert, or in the halls of a noisy place. In this case there cant be too much of a good thing.

  • Texting Is Convenient

    I do not believe texting as become a problem within the United States. Text messaging is far more convenient that sending e-mails and it's far less intrusive then making a phone call. I think it is a good method to get and receive information, without expecting direct on the spot communication.

  • Texting is a private conversation, which drives some nosy people crazy.

    That's the very exact same thing of asking us if talking to other people is a problem. Of course it's not. But note that it's the same busybodies who huffed and puffed about phone calls in public now getting all bent out of shape about people texting. That means that the only problem is that these people aren't able to eavesdrop on the conversation -- and that's not a problem for me.

  • The visible side of the problem

    Texting isn't the problem. The problem is a lack of communication skills already, texting is just the visible part of this. While I agree it is overused in many cases, I feel that many expounded it to a larger issue than need be. In stead of wasting time on things such as texting, why is no one freaking out about all the teenagers getting alcohol under age? Isn't that a problem? Of course it is, but people still prefer to chase off the moths and ignore the wolves.

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