In America is everyone Racist, At least a little bit?

  • Yes, Because of the historical and cultural background.

    The influence of the colonialism can still be felt today. Therefore, We all se each other differently based on their skin colour and physical characteristics. Then, We normally have some pre concepts stablished on our minds of someone just because of the physical characteristics. All of that thanks to Europe needing some justification for slaving people. Thanks Europe!

  • No, Education has improved

    Not everyone. If racism is defined as noticing differences in appearance, Then everyone but the blind would be racist--what's the point of calling everyone racist then? Knowing about racial stereotypes is different than believing in them; I don't think most people nowadays believe in them. I am not talking about systemic racism, As its a different concept. For Most people when they see someone of a different race will not let that judge how they act towards them, Though there are still fools who do. Things have improved since the past centuries, Not entirely, But most people are decent. Racists tend to be lower in intelligence, While better education is associated with more 'liberal' views on race. More people nowadays get good education both in school and at home and live around different people.

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