In America of 2021 is there anything wrong with Adult Men or Women wearing Velcro Sneakers. . . ?

  • Why would you?

    Wearing velcro is usually for the child or the disabled. Can't really get why someone would want to wear velcro trainers otherwise in the first place. But I suppose it comes down to ease of slipping them on and off, But it's just a really lazy thing to do when laces give far better adjustment and fit.

  • Each to their own

    Well if adult men or women think that they would like Velcro straps, Then why not? Why shouldn't they be allowed to express themselves in their footwear? Shoelaces gat in the way, Anyway. You all know the cartoon jokes of people tripping over their shoelaces. Velcro stops that.
    Why would you block people from that?

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