In American courts should it be innocent before guilty (yes) or guilty before innocence

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  • That would be injustice.

    If I was falsely accused of murder, and i claimed i was asleep the night of the murder, i would be put in jail. Anyone could be accused of murder, and if they have no proof that they did not do it, They lost. That would be unjust and the people would not put up with it.

  • Burden of proof

    When you bring someone to court, the burden of proof that the person is guilty should be on you. If it is the other way around, it would be too easy to put anyone in jail.

    This system does let the criminals get away sometimes, since the prosecutors don't always have enough evidence. But on balance, it is still better than throwing too many innocent people in jail.

  • I agree, but it should be downgraded.

    While I do think that anyone should be presumed innocent at first, because wrongfully convicting an innocent is worse than acquitting a criminal, I don't believe that a criminal who has been acquitted should never be tried again. If new evidence comes to light, they may be proven to be as guilty as parties proven innocent by new evidence were innocent, and I think they and the victims deserve justice.

  • To think the best of People

    If you were wrongly accused of something you didn't do it would be better for you to have option 1 (Innocent before guilty) instead of option 2 (guilty before innocent). However not everyone is innocent so there is a balance and that is exactly what we have already Thought this would be a interesting topic.

  • I think it should be innocent untill proven guilty

    Many innocent people go to jail and its wrong to treat someone like a criminal before knowing whether or not they did the crime. I also think that the judicial system settles for too little of evidence. That is why innocent people go to prison. All a kid has to do to put someone away is say that they touched them in there private place. And because of words that come out of a 5-17 year old child you could end up in a horrible place with sadistic guards and sadistic prisoners for years. Dont get me wrong i do think that child molesters deserve prison assuming we have free will but locking up innocent people is far worse than molesting children. If god existed i think the judicial system would be flawless assuming this god is all powerful and all knowing. And if he leaves us here without any of his magical cures for evil and suffering of animals and children then id have to say he isnt a god worth serving.

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