In areas that are in high demand of cheap labor, why are we turning away immigrants?

  • Yes,immigrants should be turned away even in areas of high demand of cheap labor..

    If we allowed an open border policy, we would basically be saying that we don't care about our country or its habitability or resources. Illegal immigrants are basically saying that our rules regarding immigration are unimportant. For people that are actually trying to enter the country legally and paying lawyers and the like to make sure their papers are in order and go through.There is also no guarantee that these immigrants would enter and stay at one of the in demand locations so when they move and the area stays in demand, are we just supposed to bring in another busload?

  • Support American Workers

    I feel American jobs are for Americans. There is so much starvation and depression in our society. We need to keep our jobs at home. We don't have an overflow of jobs for other foreigners. We don't even have enough work for our own people. Charity begins at home is a good motto in this scenario.

  • Yes, we should turn them away

    I think it would be repulsive to have immigrants come into this country only to essentially use them as slaves. We should allow a certain number every year and then attempt to keep them away past that number. They once they are here they should be given the same rights as every other citizen.

  • Send them back

    The one thing americans can agree on is that corporations control the show, but somehow, someway that is lost when it comes to illegal immigrants. Corporations WANT illegal immigrants for cheap labor. It is better to pay an illegal $4/hr under the table while not paying for health insurance or payroll taxes then it is to pay an american minimum wage + other benefits.

    Wake the hell up and stop using emotions.

  • We don't want to do the jobs immigrants will

    While many people argue that immigrants are "taking our jobs," most of the jobs immigrants (particularly illegal ones) are doing are hard, gruelling manual labor jobs that most Americans don't want to do. There is hardly a rush for citizens to fill these positions, and it is ridiculous to turn away people who would love to do them in return for a better life in a new country.

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