In Brazil, a bill proposed to the Congress wants to force churches to celebrate gay marriages. Do you think it should pass?

Asked by: ariel.simas
  • I say "Absolutely"!:

    The Church and all religious entities which benefit from members of the community need to also support the community's ideals. It is about time that there should be some form of reflection of the ideals of the local population in the theological structure of the area. It is ridiculous that the theological structure can avoid or abstain from embracing the cultural standards of an area. It is no different than someone banning you from using forks in your own home on the basis that they believe they should not be subject to see such a thing.

  • Your house, your rules

    Suppose my neighbor has a beautiful house which would be the perfect place for my wedding. Even though I have the constitutional right to get married, I can't force my neighbor to have my wedding celebrated at his house, neither can the government, after all my freedom ends where his starts -- his house, his rules. Now gay people are certainly entitled to such rights as getting married but you can't force churches to celebrate these marriages unless they want to. Just as the government can't force people to convert to Christianity, it can't force Christians to celebrate something that goes against their beliefs in their house -- their house, their rules.

  • A church shouldn't be forced to do anything.

    First off, I am all for equal marriage. On the other hand, it is a freedom that each church should have to be able to decide on whether they want to do it or not. No one should be forced to do anything. If the church want to do equal marriage in their church, they should be allowed to do so, just like if a church disagrees on it, they should be allowed too.

  • What a Ridiculous proposal,

    Forcing a religion to go against it's stated teaching to please the politically correct is just plain wrong. I wonder if this proposal also includes mosques. I'll bet it doesn't. The fact that a bill like that would even be considered for a vote shows the corruption in there own government. Hey but what can you expect from a country that wanted to oust the president when they lost a soccer game. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • I'm pro-gay marriage

    Should the church be forced to celebrate gay marriages? No. It's their freedom as an institution to not acknowledge gay marriage. That being said, the federal government doesn't need to acknowledge church marriages. If the church's congress wants to visit their loved ones in the hospital they can file for civil union as-well.

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