In Camus' idea of the absurd life would government and economy fit into religion?

Asked by: mlibb
  • Why can't we accept absurdity?

    Ever since the agricultural revolution some 10,000 years ago humans have copped out of absurdity. Once humans no longer needed to forage for food they started forming ideas that attempt to escape absurdity. They have tried to give essence to their lives and in doing so have forced others to lose their ability to live life according to anything other than what those previously have established. Is in not absurd to be born into a particular system and be expected to participate in it? Are human's now able to get back to the absurd life thanks to being able to better understand the world? We should refuse established ideas from previous generations. Every person should be able to live freely and not be expected to labor for anyone except to fill their own basic needs. I believe the Supernatural's days are numbered but the religion of government and economics will oppress people for many generations to come.

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