In contemporary society, are women outperforming men?

  • Young women are leaving young men in the dust.

    1.5 women earn a college degree for every 1 man. More women are accepted into med school and law school than men. Young women under 30 already outearn men. According to the latest research young women have more career ambition than men. So, let's see. Women outclass men in school and the new younger generation of women outearns their male counterparts. Seems pretty clear to me!

  • Women are more dedicated.

    Women seem to have more dedication and resolve in general and have a better work ethic. They are generally more positive, caring, and have a can do attitude that many men don't seem to have. Attitude is really what it comes down to. Women tend to have the upper hand in most areas of contemporary society despite being oppressed.

  • Women outperform men.

    For years, women have been suppressed by their male counterparts in seemingly ever facet of society- the workplace, at home, etc. Now that women are finally being allowed to play a larger role, they feel that they need to make up for the countless years of oppression that past generations have experienced, so they work harder and outperform men.

  • Men and Women are now equal

    Women are now showing that they should have been given equal rights as men before. They are not outperorming men but it is apparent that they have the same abilities as men. Since they were not allowed to show these abilities before it just seems that they are doing better now.

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